mwf albums in new special edition usb packs, in  compact disc, vinyl, cassette, and digital download formats will soon be available through in the clouds records for vinyl and downloads, and through trepstar for cd/dvd/usb.

below, please find albums and formats available.  scroll down for a music video, or an audio sample cut from each album.

new items and sound samples added monthly beginning december 2017


special edition usb packs

these mwf albums are now available in special edition usb packs.  each usb pack includes a printed usb loaded with the original version of the mwf release with added extra audio material and other bonus features.  each usb pack includes a printed usb mounted in an amaray (dvd style) case with full color art from the original release on the front and back, and an inside front insert, also designed from the original release artwork.


compact discs




music videos


monster karaoke (from the album, "monster karaoke)


ice milk  (from the album "ice milk)


horngoat  (from the album, "horngoat")


doggy square dance  (from the album "songs of the velvet ghost")


deep red  (from the album "deep red")


the twilight years  (from the album "cr me dog bay")


giant leeches (from the ellenm album"25 filter greats"&from the mwf album "corruption/paradise)


audio samples